FOOT KANDI nails • beauty • tattoo - Take the plunge !

Acrylic OR Hard Gel extensions, full set  French £25
Acrylic OR Hard Gel extensions finished in Gel colour £30
Acrylic OR Hard Gel overlays (no extensions) £25
Acrylic overlays (no extensions) with Gel colour £30
Acrylic OR Hard Gel infills, French £20
Acrylic OR Hard Gel infills with Gel £25
Acrylic nails with Gel plus art on every finger £35
Acrylic or Hard Gel soak off £10
FREE NAIL ART ON BOTH RING FINGERS - 50p per nail for any additional fingers

Gel polish on fingers £20 ....toes £20
Gel polish on fingers AND toes together £35
Gel polish removal with new Gel back on £25
Gel polish removal on its own £8
File & paint with standard polish on hands £12
French Manicure, standard polish £20
French Manicure, with gel polish £25
Manicure & Pedicure
Manicure (40 mins - cuticles, file,express hand massage & polish)  £20
Gel Manicure (60 mins - cuticles,file, express hand massage & Gel polish) £30
Pedicure (40 minutes- cuticles, file,express foot massage, removal of hard skin & application of standard polish) £30

£10 OFF Gel Pedicure (1 hr - cuticles, file, express foot  massage, removal of hard skin and application of Gel polish) 0NLY £30 for limited time 

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